We are sorry.
Due to the extension of the state of emergency, we will continue to close dinner time at 21:00.
You are what you eat.
Our precisely made,healthy food will give you inner peace.
Enjoy your lunch and dinner of traditional Japanese organic meals.
We are particular the elegant, home-style cuisine, ringing you tranquility.
Our comfortable dining room offers healthy gourmet option.
Sending our life respectfully in tranquility.
Lunch time  11:39-14:00
Dinner time 18:00-20:30
Closed on Monday and Tuesday 


Comfort food does not have to be complicated.
It’s delicious but
it’s something that you can eat 
time and time again,
and it will be delicious every single time.
I am so happy that everyone’s enjoying it and eating it.
Forget everyone else, I am impressed.

I would like to pass my love of cooking on to you.
Whether we eat alone or in company,home cooking brings comfort and light,even in dark time.
My pretty vegan gluten free cakes are as fun to make as they are to eat, and bring a joyful end to even the most hectic day💚
Two months left to leave this year,2020!

It’s been a bumpy ride on and off,
you know,in this world,you never know what is around the corner.

But anyway, so I was very lucky and I,
 hear I am whatever,how ever 
many years it is later 〜20 years later 〜
I am still ,just clinging to my career😊
The terroir of the region determines what kind of food products are available.
I use it to ferment and make it vernacular seasonings at Kurehashokudo.
About meat.
For example 
They’ve smell chocolate,
walnuts,acorns too.
Maybe it’s set in the fat.
This beautiful,perfect piece of fat.
I am sorry.
It’s like butter,
it’s so sweet.
Together,fat,salt,and time transform this exceptional meat into prosciutto,and all other cured meats that are a hallmark of Italian cuisine.
I know that refraining from eating meat helps prevent global warming.
However, I pay tribute to those who traditional,cherish the livestock industry rather than increasing the number of livestock unnecessarily.
So sometimes I appreciate it and taste it🙏